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The Inversion Belt is an accessory designed to redirect the stretch effect away from your ankles and towards your low back when using an inversion table or Inline Back Stretch Bench The Inversion Belt is built to last and to fit waist sizes up to 60 inches (49" - 60" require an extension strap). 

If you are not a candidate for inversion therapy or simply prefer to avoid inversion, consider using the Inline Back Stretch Bench with your Inversion Belt.  Visit our online store to see how much you can save when you purchase the Inversion Belt & Stretch Bench Combo  for your home.


The key to a healthy spine is balance between stability and flexibility.  The video below will show you some simple exercises that you can do to improve stability of your core.

Cedrick Noel
Roswell | Inversion Belt |  470-388-3776